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Wooden Constellation Limited Model Sailboat Decoration 35

Wooden Constellation Limited Model Sailboat Decoration 35"

Overall Dims: 27" L x 4" W x 35" H

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SKU: Constellation 35

Wooden Constellation Limited Model Sailboat Decoration 35"

Attach Sails and Constellation yacht models are Ready for Immediate Display 

The winning spirit of Limited Edition model sail boats of America’s Cup winner Constellation captures the graceful speed of the waves and unbound freedom of the wind to brighten any room with their presence. From atop a mantle, table or shelf in any room, these yacht models sail as the perfect highlight for your meeting room or office, bedroom or beach house. 

27" L x 4" W x 35" H (1:30 scale) 

Key Features:
  • Authentic museum-quality scale replica of the real Constellation racing yacht
  • Individual plank on frame construction of the hull using fine quality woods, with each plank and wood grain visible through the paint
  • High quality craftsmanship and details, including:

CONSTELLATION won in 1964. She was a quite elegant all-round boat, which was selected as Cup Defender over the large and powerful AMERICAN EAGLE, which was only superior in heavy weather. This should have been a tip off to the future but the true significance of having to design the smallest possible 12-Metre for Newport conditions was not generally appreciated until Australia II lifted the Cup in 1983. The reason 12-Metres form an exception to the axiom "design big" is the idiosyncrasy of the rule, particularly the prescription of increased displacement with length. 

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